Bottled water arrives

We can stop panicking now over 1,000 500ml sports bottles arrived at Arden Academy today.

We could not get a photo of the delivery as we were expecting the delivery Thursday at 4:00pm so with thanks to someone at the school who broke their own rules and allowed the delivery lorry on to the playground to deliver this morning without letting us know.

As well as these water bottles sponsored by Kitchen Gallery in Shirley, we have Vifit recovery gels and an array of fruit grain & groovy bars from Aldi.

“Would runners please note these are for use only after their run!” says organiser Richard Buckley. “We have 4 water stations around the route, the first being before the runners leave the school grounds, but we seriously ask all runners to bring their own bottle full of water. 

Thanks to all our sponsors , too many to mention, and volunteers who have contributed to make this yet another successful charity fundraising event. “Its great to be able to tell runners that all the costs of putting on the Knowle Fun Run, something over £20,000, have been covered by our generous sponsors and advertisers in the programme, and the numerous volunteers from local organisations e.g. K&D Round Table, 4th Knowle Sea Scouts, etc etc.,” says Richard.

2017 Year 1 KIDS are off

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