Email to all runners

This was sent out to all runners registered email address on 5 May

Hi Fun Runners

Less than a week to go now. We hope your fundraising and training is going well and you are ready for the Longdon Road hill twice!

Just a few important final reminders:
A.    Please bring your email confirmation with you to help speed up picking up your running number & chip from Arden school hall on the morning between 9.30 & 10.30

B.    Pick up a Velcro band, thread your chip and put it around your ankle

C.    Your chip is yours and yours alone. No swapping or transfers, we don’t want Dad winning the Junior Girls category again do we?

D.   There will be a separate desk for Junior 1 lap runners only who will have Yellow numbers

E.    T-shirts will be outside the hall next to the Mini run desk which is next to Information.

F.     Please make a note of your running number and the one on your chip, they should be the same, you will need it to find your photos on our website. Give us a few days to get them loaded and then have a look.

G.   Please ensure you are at the start on time – Red nos for Fast start at 12noon, Blue & Yellow nos for Fun Run start at 12.05pm. All runners to be in starters coral before 12noon. Red in front, Blue and Yellow at the back.

H.   The route will be traffic free this year, we hope this will not inconvenience people and assure you that we shall re-open them when it is safe to do so, however?

I.      If you end up walking please stay on the pavement and be aware that the closed roads may be re-opened to traffic at any time when the tail end Charlie van has passed

J.      If you are an early finisher and need to get away you may find that the roads may still be closed

K.    Parking will be at a premium as usual, so please leave your car at home or well away from Arden school

L.     Mini runners must collect their free t-shirts and running numbers to wear from outside the school hall between 9.30 & 10.30.

M.   Year 3 & 4 Yellow nos at start at 11am, Years 1 & 2 Green nos at 11.10am

And most important of all please remember it is our Fun Run. Enjoy yourself, run, or walk if the need takes you, and if it hurts remember that you taking part in Knowle’s biggest community event, and the day is not about winning, but raising money for good causes.

See you on Sunday

The Fun Run Team

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