Hair Raising? No Fund Raising!

kents003smallIt seems dangerous to me to sit in the barbers chair and upset your hairdresser, but that’s exactly the risk Peter Wright took when he suggested his hairdresser should run in the Fun Run.

The risk was worth taking as the staff of Kent’s Hairdressers in Knowle have raised an amazing £2125 sponsorship for taking part in the five mile run on May 11th.  Running as the ‘Demon Barbers of Kent’s’, the ladies raised the money from the kind hearted customers of the Knowle shop for the three charities of Meningitis Trust, the Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy and the Acorns Children’s Hospice. And it all started by a deal with customer Peter who takes up the story.

“Like many males in Knowle I have had my hair cut at Kent’s on the High Street for many years. The three ladies who work there – Emma, Tina and Sandra have worked together for 12 years so are part of the village. Having taken part in the Fun Run myself; I have talked to them about the Fun Run for the last couple of years. They have never taken part before and I have been trying to convince them to do so. They have commented that as Kent’s on the route they often see people going by practicing and maybe one day they may do it. It’s been talked about but never happened.”

This year Peter made the offer to pay their entry fee if they took part and collected sponsorship through the shop. To his surprise the ladies accepted the offer and entering into the spirit of the event by coming up with the team name of the ‘Demon Barbers of Kent’s’. One small problem arose in that Tina become pregnant in the meantime but her place was ably taken by Sandra’s cousin. The team was supported by shop owner Mr. Anthony Kent with a donation and special team T-shirts for the run.

None of the ladies of Kent’s had run 5 miles before, so had to get out and pound the streets of Knowle putting in the training. The result was a respectable team time for the Demon Barbers of just over three hours and of course the £2100 raised for the three charities

‘It was great fun to take part in the Knowle Fun Run, especially this year being the special event of the 25th’ said Sandra the manager of Kent’s. ‘We have to thank our customers who have been so generous in giving us this sponsorship, it’s amazing what happens when you have a pair of scissors in your hands!  It also really helped us being cheered on around the course by all the customers who’s hair we have been cutting for many years in Knowle’.

‘This is typical of the sort of lengths our runners go to, to raise funds for the Fun Run charities,’ says Dave Carter, event organiser. “We hope that when all the sponsorship has been collected we shall have raised more than £40,000 this year’

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