masquerade2This year’s 25th Fun Run gets underway at 10.45am with the first of the Mini Run’s – the Head to Head one for Mascots.

This year Leo the Running Lion, courtesy of Masquerade and the Jennifer Trust volunteer, will take on strong challenges from the Meningitis Trust Mony the Duck and the ‘new’ Couch Potato.

Word on the wire is that Eddie King the Couch Potato has been seen in training sitting watching the Rugby, Football, Boat Race, Grand National and this weekend will pull up a chair for a marathon stint in front of the tele watching the London Marathon.

The favourite to win must be Monty, who lives in Bromsgrove, and has been out on the streets jogging as far as his head office in Stroud. He has even registered to run the 5 mile Fun Run afterwards.

Make sure you bring your family along for 10.45 to witness the race, followed by the 2 Mini runs and the Fun Run at 12noon as usual.

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