Solihull Times Team Up

stimesteam-enda_mullen_gregg_evans_courtney_mills__simeon_bright_smallWhen Enda Mullen underwent fitness training earlier in the Spring we challenged him to enter this year.

‘After all Dave Winters, one of Enda’s predcessor editors at the Times, lead a team from the paper around the 5 mile course in the 1985 event,’ said Dave.

Enda accepted the challenge and has persuaded a team of Solihull Times Snews Hounds to enter from the Solihull Times & News offices.

‘I dont understand why we have not entered before’, said Enda. ‘It’s only 5 miles, all for good causes and the Lions tell me it’s a great family community event. I wonder if we can challenge our competitors at the Observer office to see which office is fittest to run after the Solihull news stories.’

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